Taubman Approach

The Taubman Approach offers specific solutions to technical problems and difficulties. The fundamental principle of the Taubman Approach is to use the body with the correct motions that allow trained pianists to play with ease, be free of injury, and ultimately realize their full potential of artistic expression unhampered by technical limitations.

This approach was pioneered by Dorothy Taubman, who made an extensive study of the movements that make up a virtuoso technique. The brilliance of the Taubman Approach is that it was the first time that the small movements and coordinations, often imperceptible, were discovered.

The Taubman Approach is an important aspect of my teaching. It is incorporated from the beginning of lessons, along with the other fundamentals. It is an essential step in achieving the goals of piano study, playing with freedom and expression.


The body is capable of fulfilling all pianistic demands without a violation of its nature if the most efficient ways are used. Pain, insecurity, and lack of technical control are symptoms of incoordination rather than a lack of practice, intelligence, or talent.

Dorothy Taubman